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Lumapod: World’s Fastest Tripod

Stop wasting time with the inconvenient design of your current tripod! The Lumapod is ready to use in just a few seconds with one swift action!

It’s designed for anyone that wants to take great photos, whether it be with a professional camera or smartphone – different models make it possible.
The convenient travel tripod or the compact selfie tripod. What will be your Lumapod?

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Patented Technology

We have designed and developed an innovative mechanism that separates Lumapod from all other travel tripods. The lightweight design substantially reduces the pack size and weight, while a wire tensioning mechanism provides reliable stability.

The greatest advantage of Lumapod, however, is the unbelievably quick setup time. Say goodbye to individually locking each telescoping leg segment, the Lumapod is ready to help you capture photos in only a few seconds.


We need your support!

We are a young startup team and need your help to bring Lumapod to the market. After a long design and development period, we have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in Summer 2018.

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Lumapod Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to bring a project to reality, with a large number of people supporting the project in small sums.

In addition to becoming part of our community and making the production of Lumapod even possible, you will also be the first to receive a Lumapod.

The most widely known and trusted crowdfunding platform, on which Lumapod will be launched, is Kickstarter.com


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About us

We are a startup in Grieskirchen, Austria and have been working on the Lumapod since 2016.

As passionate amateur photographers we love to travel. We always pack a tripod, planning to capture all the great moments from our trip, however the tripod often never leaves the suitcase. The assembly and disassembly of the tripod is just too time-consuming for every individual photo we want to capture. Too many handles, locks and adjustments are needed. It got to the point that we considered not bringing a tripod at all because aside from never wanting to use it, it took up a large portion of our suitcase. We wondered why all tripods work the same and questioned why they all have to be so bulky to carry and time-consuming to setup. Then, after a road trip through Iceland in 2016, Martin made the decision enough was enough and it was time to design an entirely new tripod. One which is easier, smaller and above all else quick to setup, so people can capture every great moment from their travels.

Lumapod Team

Martin Grabner
Martin GrabnerFounder, Creative, Engineer
Eva Ertl
Eva ErtlCo-Founder, Marketing
Kurt Russell Knolle
Kurt Russell Knolle Creative, Engineer
Andreas Schmitzberger
Andreas SchmitzbergerPhotographer, Marketing